Ambulance Services

Irish Red Cross Ambulances Tipperary Area. 

The Irish Red Cross has a fleet of over 90 vehicles. These include road ambulances, 4 wheel drive ambulances and minibuses. The Irish Red Cross provides first aid cover at numerous events around the country every week. The Roscrea Unit currently has one road Ambulance and one 4x4 Ambulance.

Community Services

Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Test day Roscrea.

The Irish Red Cross supports the vulnerable in our society by providing a range of community services and activities through their local branches. One such example of community service provided is therapeutic hand care, one of our members is a qualified instructor in this area.

First Aid Training


Did you know that over 6,000 people die of out of hospital Cardiac Arrest every year. That's 18 people every day. If you were the first person on the scene of one of the cardiac arrests would you know what to do? The Roscrea unit run's First Aid and CPR courses on a regular basis, if you are interested in taking part in one of these courses please contact us through our contacts page.